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Buyer Section

Introductory and Closing Pages
  B04 - Cover or Title Page
  B05 - Personal profile
  B06 - Customer References
  B07 - Cover Letter
  B08 - Template
  B09 - Services You'll Receive
  B10 - In Closing

Charts and Checklists
  B11 - Property Acquisition Flow Chart
  B14 - Offer Flow Chart
  B17 - Buyer's Checklist
  B64 - Moving, People to Inform

First-Time Buyers
  B12 - The Key Players
  B13 - Buyers Lawyers Agenda
  B19 - Buyer's Statement of Adjustments Sample
  B22 - The "L" Formula
  B41 - Title Search Sample
  B45 - Easements and Restrictive Covenants
  B46 - Explanatory Plan Sample
  B47 - Joint Tenancy/Tenants-in-Common
  B76 - Home Insurance 101
  B48 - Renting vs. Buying

General Buyer Information
  B15 - Offer Savvy for Buyers
  B16 - Offering Low in a Sellers' Market
  B38 - Survey Sample
  B39 - Survey or Title Insurance
  B42 - Property Disclosure Statements
  B43 - Fixture or Chattel?
  B44 - Property Inspection
  B65 - Septic Systems
  B66 - Knob & Tube Wiring
  B72 - Foreclosure Flow Chart
  B23 - Pre-Sales - Proceed with Caution
  B21 - Foreclosure Savvy
  B82 - Fix 'n Flip
  B35 - Contract Dates

Mortgage Information
  B24 - Mortgage Financing Basics
  B26 - Non-repayable Gift Letter
  B27 - Mortgage Comparison Worksheet
  B28 - CMHC Insurance

  B29 - GST
  B30 - Property Transfer Tax
  B31 - Property Taxes
  B83 - Speculation & Vacancy Tax

Government Information
  B32 - Home Buyers Plan
  B33 - New Home Warranty
  B78 - Getting Personal - FINTRAC
  B84 - Home Buyer Rescission Period

Environmental Issues
  B36 - Oil Tanks
  B37 - Riparian Areas Regulation

  B49 - Types of Ownership
  B51 - Contingency Reserve Funds
  B52 - Strata Documentation
  B53 - Form B
  B54 - Form B Sample
  B55 - Parking & Storage Lockers
  B56 - Strata Plans
  B80 - Depreciation Reports
  B81 - Can You Rent Your Strata Unit?
  B40 - Bylaws - Know Your Limits

Buyer's Agency
  B57 - Designated Agency for Buyers

Buyer Incentives
  B58 - A Promise to You
  B59 - Buy Through Me - Dinner
  B60 - Buy Through Me, Legal Fees
  B77 - Guarantee to Buyers

  B61 - Graphs
  B62 - You Be The Judge

Miscellaneous Forms
  B18 - Buyer's Expenses
  B20 - Residential Housing Wish List
  B50 - Apartment Wish List
  B73 - Townhouse Wish List
  B74 - Your Thoughts Please
  B75 - Professionals to Call
  B79 - Record of Properties Viewed

Seller Section

Helpful Suggestions
  S00 - Helpful Suggestions on Page Usage

Introductory and Closing Pages
  S05 - Template
  S06 - Title Page
  S07 - Personal Profile
  S08 - Pre-List Cover Letters
  S09 - CMA Cover Letters
  S10 - Customer References
  S13 - FSBO, Cover Letter
  S26 - In Closing
  S50 - Services You'll Receive
  S80 - Service Guarantee

  S46 - Seller's Checklist
  S85 - Listing Checklist
  S86 - Fixture/Chattel - Checklist for Sellers
  S62 - Tenant Checklist
  S91 - Power of Attorney

Listing Presentation
  S11 - Subject Property Profile
  S12 - Calendar, January to December
  S14 - Apples to Apples
  S15 - Determining Market Value - House
  S16 - Determining Market Value - Apartment
  S17 - Determining Market Value - Townhouse
  S18 - Market Analysis Summary
  S19 - Best Sold Comparable
  S20 - Closest Competitor(s)
  S21 - Solds Title Page
  S22 - Active Listings Title Page
  S23 - Expired Listings Title Page
  S24A - Summation (Singular)
  S24B - Summation (Team)
  S25 - Seller's Estimated Proceeds
  S74 - Letters of Recommendation Title Page
  S76 - Square Foot Comparison
  S82 - Forms Title Page
  S88 - What Matters Most?
  S89 - Anything Less is Second Best
  S90 - Above and Beyond
  S67 - Why The MLS?
  S03 - Realtors Aspire to a Code
  S92 - Intelligent Marketing
  S93 - Online Marketing - 360 Virtual Tours

Setting a Value
  S27 - Opinions on Value
  S28 - Critical Factors
  S29 - Advantages of an Accurate Price
  S30 - Supply versus Demand
  S31 - The Key to Success
  S32 - What Buyers See & The Internet
  S33 - An Expired Listing is a Tired Listing
  S34 - Price it Right
  S35 - Best Offers, First Offers
  S36 - Pricing Strategy
  S37 - Listing Price Zones
  S38 - Market Absorption Rate
  S39 - Assessed Property Value is not Market Value
  S83 - When Is A House Not A Home?
  S64 - Real Estate Cycles
  S66 - Roll-Er-Coaster
  S63 - Price Says It All

Overcoming Objections
  S40 - How Effective are REALTORS®, Signs & Advertising?
  S41 - Can Reduce the Price
  S42 - "Open to Offers"
  S43 - Buy First/Sell First
  S48 - Selecting A REALTOR®
  S49 - Commissions are Split
  S61 - It's Really Just A Business Deal

Forms to Keep Sellers Informed
  S57 - Open House Report
  S58 - Weekly Update Report
  S59 - Weekly Update Report Continued
  S75 - REALTORS' Tour Report

Pre-Listing Pages (or CMA)
  S04 - I Am
  S44 - Pretty Packaging
  S45 - Set the Stage
  S47 - Return on Renovations
  S77 - You're #1
  S51 - Seller's Statement of Adjustments
  S52 - Offer Savvy
  S53 - ShowTime
  S54 - Fixture or Chattel?
  S72 - Open Houses
  S73 - Home Pre-Inspection
  S84 - Staging
  S65 - Eau De Cat
  S94 - Changing Times With COVID-19

Forms for Realtor® Use
  S55 - Appointment Record
  S56 - Guest Registry
  S60 - Your Contact Data
  S87 - List of Home Improvements

  S68 - Commission
  S69 - Playing It Safe
  S70 - REALTORS® Sell

Asking for a Testimonial
  S81 - Your Thoughts Please

Asking for Future Business
  S78 - Referrals
  S79 - Referrals, plural